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K Marie Carr

K Marie Carr

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A book lover from a very early age, K. Marie Carr soon found herself inventing stories of her own. With the characters in her head clamoring louder and louder, she turned to writing. First poetry, and then short stories in her high school creative writing class. The poetry was good, but the short stories turned out to be more slice-of-life pieces than actual stories.

Still, the characters in her head remained. A jumble of them, coming and going, their stories incomplete and unfocused. They stayed that way as K. Marie continued to read, dabble at poetry, and move on to a few semesters of college, work and then a family.

The children grew. Her life revolved around softball games, track meets, music lessons, the swimming pool in the summer, vacations, and books. During all this, business boomed, then gradually slowed. She accepted the part-time accounting work her children’s pediatrician offered her.

Through all the activity, the characters in her head became more and more alive. And demanding. Thus began a new chapter in K. Marie’s life. The children’s proms, dating, and plans for college mixed with writing class, writer’s groups, weekly critique meetings, and writing. As it is with many authors, the responsibilities of work and family consumed precious writing time. But the characters gained strength. There was no blood, but plenty of sweat, tears and perseverance finally led to the publication of Sheriff’s Lady under the pen name Dani Criss. A casual remark from a friend and fellow author led to two shorter traditional romance books, Family In The Making and Family Ties. Her passion for stories of romance wrapped around danger brought her full circle to For Kaitlyn’s Sake.

With the engagement of one daughter, the marriage of another, work, grandchildren and major changes in her own life and income, K. Marie put down her pen and added tax preparer to her accounting jobs. But eventually came the need to again pursue the dreams she put aside.

K. Marie has again picked up her pen, this time with the Trust A Stranger series. Centered around the men of Tanner Security Solutions and the women whose lives are in danger, the stories involve romance and suspense, learning to give and gain trust, and the paths to healing wounded hearts.

K. Marie is a life-long resident of the Kansas City metro area which spans the Kansas and Missouri state lines. She balances her work with writing and her family. She has two daughters and their significant someones; a grandson who, with a friend, designed her website; one granddaughter soon to enter college; another granddaughter and grandson looking toward high school and planning for college; and her youngest grandson whose dreams are still forming and who is full of spunk and spirit and a character worthy of a book of his own.

Her mother, two sisters, two brothers and her daughter’s in-laws all live nearby. She has inherited a quiet dog who is content to sit beside her as she writes. She took in two stray cats who have made perches near the open windows and often wrestle on her bed, usually in the middle of the night. A bird house came with the cozy house she lives in and it has regular tenants. She loves waking to the sounds of their songs and watching them investigate the flowers blooming in her garden the playing in the bird bath. She has two wonderful critique partners who help keep her productive and her characters in line, a schefflera named Norman, a bamboo plant named Benny, and then there is Gus, the as yet unidentified critter residing in her attic.

She hopes you will enjoy reading about the trials and triumphs of her characters as much as she enjoys writing them, and that you will visit her website frequently. She looks forward to hearing from you.

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