Sheriff's Lady (1993)


Sheriff Chris Ryker figured he knew people. A man had to, when he was the only law for miles around. But nothing about the hauntingly beautiful young woman stranded in his town made any sense - least of all the fear that showed so clearly in her eyes. She was running form something, and he damn well meant to find out what it was... Photojournalist C.J. Dillon knew better than to place her trust in some small-town sheriff.

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Family In The Making (1995)

From Forever Single...

Megan McAllister wanted a fresh start--with no emotional complications. But her new neighbor Sam Armstrong was irresistible ...and so were the toddlers he was raising.

To Beloved Wife and Mom?

Despite her best intentions, she was drawn into Sam's chaotic life as a single dad-and into his loving embrace. But Megan knew their happiness couldn't last. She could never replace her lost family or risk her heart once More. Even if that meant she'd never be a wife or mother again...

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Family Ties (1995)

Single Mom Seeks…

The first time single mom Laine Sullivan met her boss, Drew Casteel, she thought he was overbearing, insensitive and far too handsome. The next time they met, he kissed her and made her toes tingle.

Reluctant Bachelor

Drew Casteel wasn't about to get sidetracked by his employee, no matter how attractive she was, or how much he liked her son. He knew Laine needed a real family man, and he certainly didn't qualify. So why did he feel as if his vow to stay away from Laine was one he'd regret?

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For Kaitlyn's Sake (1997)


Yet Kaitlyn Adams' rugged bodyguard—and former love—acted as if he had every right to barge into her home and keep a bedside vigil, night after night. The feisty beauty knew she needed his protection against the menacing stranger who was stalking her, but soon she began to wonder who would keep her safe from Jake.

Jake figured he could keep Kaitlyn from harm, but now that he was back in her life, he was just as determined to keep her for his very own. Now he had to persuade sweet Kaitlyn that her arrogant protector was soon to be her forever groom.

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